Revision3/Diggnation Update Merry X-Mas

So I finally took the time and updated the script tonight because enough people apparently wanted a new script. Congrats I stayed up til 12am working on it after a hard day of work.

I let one person test it and i myself will test it tomorrow and if all goes well i will update xbmcscripts I will also add a higher bitrate stream of xvid so you can download it..if your internet can support the bandwidth.

Just a slight page update.

Recently a show called “Totally Rad Show” featuring Alex Albrecht was released on Revision3. Since i’m a avid XBMC user and a huge fan of Diggnation and other shows i decided to update the script for the Revison3 XBMC script to play the “Totally Rad Show”. For those who are fans of Diggnation and other shows put on by Revision3 then this is for you. Unfortunately, the script can not be hosted here and thus i submitted it to It is currently featured there. The script is currently working and if anyone is to have any problems please post it here.

Secondly, this page is for those who believe that charging for Diggnation shows is just plain retarded coming from Alex and Kevin who both are pirates and hint about it from show to show. The links below contain information where you can get your Diggnation Shows from a Mirror site before the 2 day waiting period. Now if i could only get a webhost to give me web space i would release the episodes and add it to the xbmc script.

Start with and then the other sites.

Torrent Mirror


Full Mirror of Show:


Also i have been introduced to and i think i like it better for exploring articles



Image 1

Case 2 image


Case4 image


20 responses to “Revision3/Diggnation Update Merry X-Mas

  1. The revision3 xbmc script doesn’t seem to work anymore. Any updates available for it?

  2. Really. I haven’t tested it in a while. I’ll take a look at it later today.

  3. cool, thanks. watching them on the tv is much more comfortable than the computer.
    i looked at it myself but couldn’t make heads or tails out of it. i’m a perl guy myself and python just confuses me.

  4. huge than x to you for this script my xbox would be sitting dusty unused if not for xbmc and your revision3 script, but some reason in the last few days it hastn worked? i just acts like it is loading a show and never does anything im using the newest pimped version of xbmc (11-22-07) and have tried it i na few different versions to make sure.

    also any chance of you adding “tekzilla”?

  5. yeah, i’ve noticed that too. it looks like the last three weeks of any one show isn’t playing, yet all the rest do.

    and i 2nd a vote to add tekzilla. i wish i knew python.

  6. I’ll add Tekzilla but what is it?

    Ill have it this weekend and ill test the script

  7. I think I just updated it as well, I took out InDigital, put in Tekzilla and also the GigaOM show.

    I assume it is just editing that RSS section? Python looks pretty straight forward. I’ll try my hack tonite, and if it works — awesome, if not I’ll use yours. 🙂

  8. Tekzilla is basically Revision3’s version of ‘The Screen Savers’ it’s hosted by Patrick Norton and Jessica Corbin.

    Also, I went in and changed the Xvid feeds to large instead of small. I was having good luck with sending those large feeds to the xbox with XBMC Fox.

  9. Loved the Screen Savers and lost interest in DLTV once Patrick left the show. Robert is good but the other dude chang or whoever i cant stand.

  10. hey frogstick i would love to try your version with the large xvid dloads. i watch these on my 52″ tv so the higher res the better, i can patiently wait for buffering….

    but either way, xvid hi or lo im missing my favorite after work activity, catching up on my rev3 shows 8)

  11. I’ll submit an updated script to xbmc scripts with a High resolution and the standard low.

    I always had issues with buffering speeds because my internet would never stream the stuff fast enough of the shows server wouldn’t download fast enough.

  12. somethings up with that xbmcscripts website i can understand if they just take a long time to update new scripts but i tried emailing all of their contact info and it bounced every time. i will host this script for you on my website if you’d like, im dying without my revision3 shows though, so if you can help- me out some how by sending me the script to host or just to use i would greatly appreciate it.

    thanx again for all your hard work

  13. yes I also want to host your script in the meantime… man man man I’m having a cold turkey atm without my weekly shows

  14. Has anyone managed to host the new Revision 3 scripts. I keep checking for the new script on XBMC and I don’t get a thing.

  15. I will check on this, he could be on break for the holiday season.

  16. it seems that the latest upload on xbmcscripts was, a swedish script, 12 december

  17. I just recently downloaded your script for XMBC and noticed it seems to be loading new content then just stops. Any chance of getting this to work on XBMC? Please keep up the good work and help out the people still supporting the Xbox scene 🙂

  18. I’m having the same problem as SpooNMan. Revision3 script as installed fresh from XBMCscripts doesn’t work, version 0.1.9. I’d love to have this working again!

  19. same problem here, after using this script happily for years it stopped working again.. tried upgrading xbmc to the lastes build (nov 2008) but still no luck, plz consider looking into this matter when you have the time, thkx anyway for the efoort you’ve put into this project!!!


    just open the file in the revision3 script folger with notepad and change the line ROOT_DIR = os.getcwd([:-1]+’\\’

    into this

    ROOT_DIR = os.getcwd()+’\\’

    now save it and put it back in xbmc.

    Can you put this into the next version so other people also can keep viewing this great content?

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