Cable TV Stuff

I just moved into a new apartment and was exploring the area when i came across the cable TV room. So i show a few pics and was hoping someone could tell me how to take off the end caps. The writing on the unit is

PCT-DRS-11 End caps.

MS-7820KTS 8 Way Directional Tap 1Ghz





7 responses to “Cable TV Stuff

  1. Wow thank you!

  2. That tool will most likely not work. I don’t know what it is called but it is a special security tool that is needed. The outside of that connector rotates freely, right? If so, you need a tool that will be inserted inside the tube, then has a cam inside it that engages the inner tube and will be able to unscrew.

    They are similar to how a child-proof medicine bottle lid works. You can spin it all day long until you squeeze it just right to spin the inner lid.

  3. You are correct sir the cylinder part rotates freely in either direction.

    I never got this product but should i ever run across it again it would be useful knowledge.

  4. I think the cost of Cable TV is a little ridiculous. But so is everything today. Do you think satellite TV is a better value?

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