Atlas Cooler Scam


So I wanted to vocalize just how upset I am at Atlas Coolers. More importantly Ben Jones the President of Atlas Coolers. The story goes a little like this…..

Prelude: It was June 15th and I was reading through Rokslide Forums when I came across a post about a new company ( Atlas Coolers) who was selling knockoff’s or what some people suggest a substitute to the already popular insulated coolers like Pelican, RTIC, & Yeti.

I thought to myself, “check into this new company do some research”. But, and there is always a but…  I already have a Yeti, and it is great, really great…. but the damn thing is so heavy when you fill it with ice and drinks.

Not to mention I also have a RTIC Cooler 20Qt hard shell and Softpak. Both of which have their own useful purposes and function. See my collection below:


Some people who read this won’t understand my obsession or any mans obsession for certain items and I don’t expect you to.  Rational and logic goes out the door when we find toys we want.  I know that my wife doesn’t always get why we need so many different coolers but she has learned to adapt.Each has a purpose for the right moment.

Back to the story: The deal all started here:

I did my research and decided I had a use for a new cooler, a different size and shape cooler. So I ordered one on June 18th. The order said to expect shipment in 7 to 10 days. No indication that their was a backlog on the site so I figured its just standard processing time.

The next time I checked was July 6th. Approx 15 Days later – I was greeted with a response that the product was delayed and ship the 3rd week of July.  7 Weeks later Eh…

At this point the product had hit some some delays. “That’s okay” I thought I could wait a few more weeks. Time went on… and on and on.. no email or update. Fast forward to Present Day and the Summer is almost over. It is now present day, August 31st and no product or announcement from the company when this so called cooler would show up. 12 Weeks and several false stories about why product is delayed from an untrusted source.

I went back to the forums to do some digging into what others might be saying. There is one lone wolf on the forums that claims he has been in contact with Ben. I’ve screenshot that man’s fairy tale of lies. All a hoax to keep the lie going while they probably funnel the money slowly from shopify.

What I found out is that no one has received S*H*I*T from this company. All we have is one lie after another from a guy who claims to be coordinating this heist. I took screenshots below of the long drawn out story of why after 90 days a cooler never appeared. I canceled tonight. Enough waiting.

I have also filed a complaint with the FTC and the BBB because this is the worst kind of company. A company who doesn’t answer to emails, a company who doesn’t communicate to its customers.


For those that find this blog please post if you ever get your cooler. Others like myself have started to cancel their orders because hunting season is here. Dove season Started Sept 1st.


capture 1

capture 2

capture 3

capture 4

capture 5

capture 6

capture 7

The Tuesday or Wednesday date would have been 8/23 or 8/24capture 8

Today is 8/31/2016 and their has been no shipment or tracking posted.

Call me crazy but i even managed to locate this assholes place of residence. Just to see if he was working out of a PO Box or in the middle of no where. And guess what….If you go to Texas Website of Registered companies


I found the guy on linkedin so i messaged him on Tuesday 9/6/2016



So some might still be interested in knowing why I have so many coolers.

The Yeti hardshell was my first Cooler. I learned after a few events that it was not something you carry to a concert unless you have wheels. Hence the red cart.

My second cooler was the Yeti softpak. Nice cooler however, the damn thing scratches your hand pulling anything out of it. After the 6th beverage I was ready to return it but couldnt because it really was nice to have cool drinks after 5 hours of being in the sun.

My third cooler was the Hard Shell RTIC I got it because it has a handle and is portable without being too heavy when full.  I can sit on it or prop my feet up on it if i am in a lawn chair!

My 4th cooler is the softpak RTIC which probably gets the most use. It solved the dreaded hand issue that the yeti has. Its light enough that my wife can carry it since it has a strap and it holds just the right amount of beer. 15Pack of Miller Lite AL bottles. fit very nicely.









12 responses to “Atlas Cooler Scam

  1. So did you ever get your refund?

  2. Me either…and I received a reply from the BBB that they cannot get ATLAS to reply or acknowledge.
    What other options do we have?

  3. I filed a CC dispute which recently said that he has until Nov 11th to respond. I wouldn’t do business with that guy. He doesn’t know how to run a business and what he did to the forum members is pretty shady.

  4. I’m still waiting for Discover card to reimburse my $386.20 on this boondoggle. I don’t believe anyone ever received any product. And it looks like Mr. Ben Jones took down his website.

  5. Probably because I contacted the website that processed all of the transactions to look into the matter. Countless people contacted the BBB and other regulatory means. This guy.. cheated a lot of people out of product.

  6. I had similar encounters with that clown. Still awaiting my credit card refund…

  7. Well my Credit Card company came back with a transaction that Atlas had credited the transaction, however they didn’t… unbelievable.

  8. I ordered tumblers and never received. Got 1/2 back from Chase because i waited over 6 months thinking i would eventually get my product. Shame on me , but this guy is a piece of work from all i have read…

  9. You nailed it.. Scum! Who scammed a lot of people

    • Thought I should let you know I got a letter in the mail for some stuff I wrote on a forum for Libel regarding that guy from Atlas. It came from an attorney out of Chicago representing them. I didn’t want to put it in the forum so it didn’t cause issues just wanted to give a heads up. He’s still a PO….you get it, but I didn’t feel like having a legal battle. Already cost me enough.

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