Exporting Contacts from Palm Pre to HTC EVO

I just gave up on the Palm Pre. I got the HTV EVO for under 100 bucks after the tradein of my palm pre and walmart 100 gift card.
Keep in mind I missed the 99 dollar deal from Amazon.com for the HTC EVO.
My first goal to prep the transition is to get my contacts fully exported and imported.
I found this post and well so far so good.

This is how to get you contacts from your Sprint Palm PRE. You can create a .vcf file to import into most email programs.
• Open phone dialer on PRE or Pixi
• Type ##66623#
• Click on Export
• This creates the export file (.vcf)….The more contacts you have the longer it takes
• Connect your USB cable to the computer and also to the PRE when it prompts you too.
• Click on the USB Drive on your pre to mount to computer
• Once mounted on your computer, open windows explorer and the Palm PRE
• Find the folder called temp and open it (if you don’t find a temp folder, open folder options/view/and choose show hidden files/ then OK)
• You will find a file called PmMigration (this is the vcf file)
• Drag to your documents folder on your computer (PRE Backup folder) if you have one
• Use this file to import your contacts into Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook
• When you’re done Eject your Palm pre or safely remove hardware and then disconnect pre
• Your done….

Getting them to Gmail.
Follow the instructions in the above, and create the VCF file. Save it somewhere that it can easily be found. Go to Gmail and click on contacts, then in the upper right click on import. Import your VCF file. If it works it will tell you how many contacts it imported.

Once I got them to Gmail, it was wasy to get them to outlook as Gmail has a direct link to transfer contacts to outlook.

To make this transfer use this link.

Hope this works for all of you. This was the only way I was able to get it all to work, and from what I can tell all the contact info went through, including addresses, email and phone numbers.

Thank you for your time,
Heidi Mercer

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