Pontiac G8 GT 2009 Bluetooth Addition OEM Install

If you have come accross this blog then you are in the same boat as me. You have purchased the 2009 G8 GT and realized that you do not have the Bluetooth that you were hoping for. There has been some breakthrough recently and I have compiled tons of data to help those of you in need of help.  I have asked 3 important questions and here are my findings. G8 community is great for information.

Resource link- http://www.g8board.com/forums/showpost.php?p=404735&postcount=202
Chris – AKA GTPprix runs the site www.whiteautoandmedia.com and he can preform the flash if you find a BT box. You would ship your unit to Chris and he will flash it and send it back.


The Three Questions that I asked are:

Q. How is the quality of the BT in the car. Can the other person tell you are on BT? I know that the ford sync bt is crap when it calls to a landline at work.
A. So far everyone has been raving that the sound is great!  Quotes: The BT quality, in my opinion, is excellent. I can hear the caller perfectly (sometimes it takes adjusting the volume), and whenever I tell someone “by the way, you’re on speaker”, they respond with “oh, it doesn’t seem like it”. The quality of your cell connection is what matters – a poor connection obviously yields poor results.

Q. What vehicles can i search for that have the two modules that work? GM Part # 25984444 and its supersedent 20783877 these are the ONLY two modules. It was to be believe 25984444 is the original part they used when they first introduced the Bluetooth option. It is no longer available. 20783877 is the updated part that has some software revisions to help it be more compatible with vehicles that have the factory in dash navigation systems. The original module made some of the navigation features not function. If you turn up the results when calling a junk yard  “Communication, OnStar (opt UEl), (left side of dash)“, or “Communication, (left 1/4 wheelhouse)” Both have ID 25984444. Do not despare the descriptions are just the placements on different vehicles you should have no problems with either. * Don’t blame me if they don’t.
A. 2009 Model Year Arcadia\Enclave\Outlook\Traverse/Sierra\Silverado\Tahoe\Suburban\Yukon
Results from the forums are “Ok, I did some experimenting, bought a GM p/n #25984444 from a different vehicle (09 Buick Acadia, I called around to local junkyards), bought the Bluetooth antenna from the dealer ($40)”

Q. What is the Bluetooth Antenna that is needed?
A. Part Number 15938939 is a 1″ x 1/2″ plug in bluetooth antenna that goes right onto the Onstar box. It is not the roof antenna or anything else. It is very small and fragile.

GM PART # 15938939 – GMPARTSDIRECT.com
CATEGORY: Power Radio Antenna Module
GM LIST: $39.02
OUR PRICE: $23.13

Q. What did you pay for your 25984444.
A. Junkyard charged $120 for the module 20783877 . Junkyard wanted 310 for 25984444. Your Milage my vary.

Q. Has anyone taken install pics of the new unit and the antenna etc?
A. Working on getting someone to post these. Or i will take images when i get retro fitted.
Images… I will post here as a mirror.

Q. Does your Onstar # change?
A. Mine actually changed twice, once during setup and once sometime between setup and now. What is ironic is that my original, stock # was a 203 area code, and the updated 2 numbers are 860 area codes (those are CT’s two major codes, they recently added more).

Q. Do you still get the Onstar emails that come monthly.
A. The Onstar emails still come monthly. The month that I did the swap, it came a little late (I imagine they redid the cycle in their system or something). I get the warning “action suggested” on my engine & transmission system and the emissions system, but GTPPrix described a possible fix for this somewhere that I have yet to try.

Disclamer: Regarding finding a box – those who find them are either lucky or clever. Many junkyards, especially smaller ones, don’t carefully inventory all of the boxes they get. They simply label them “computer module”, and some even toss them because they can be a lot of trouble to match up with exact software revisions and date codes. Also, remember that many people entering the parts into the database may not be the brightest bulbs on the planet, so they are prone to put in incorrect part numbers or even omit information. My advice on this is to find all of the yards you can with any 09 vehicle with the box and have them actually look at the car or parts to find it. These have to still exist out there; not everyone in an 09GM is a good and lucky driver


11 responses to “Pontiac G8 GT 2009 Bluetooth Addition OEM Install

  1. when the box is changed, do you then obtain the ‘enhanced’ OnStar services as well ??? The o9 Tahoe and 09 Suburban show they have vehicle slowdown and ignition block… which the G8 doesn’t have.

  2. No, i do not believe you receive anything more than the BT functions. The car still communicates the same. However, someone who has the BT installed from Factory might be able to answer this.

  3. Many 2009.5 G8 owners have reported having vehicle slowdown and ignition block. It was never advertised by Pontiac because of the mid-year addition.

    It’s also one reason why I am holding out for an ‘09.5 G8 instead of an ’08 or ’09. Unfortunately, they’re hard to come by these days…

  4. Why bother with all of these when you can have unlimited minutes from Onstar for $9.95 a month…

  5. so this option is for those of you that want to keep your onstar service, (by the way the yearly fee is what keeps me from using onstar) i am buying a onstar module equipped with bluetooth, from a Z06 vette, its risky, i haven’t seen any info about this model number and whether it will work, but all i want is the bluetooth integration i don’t want onstar and i want to keep it as close to stock as possible, without wasting $500… the model i’ll be trying is 25990100. i’ll post soon whether or not this worked, also i only paid $70 instead of 300 plus 125 for “re greening” i’m on g8board and i’ve researched the hell out of the topic… we need more options, hopefully this is one.

  6. Just thought you all might like to know…..there is a site call autoplicity.com
    on there you can order the newest revision module (20827036). it is brand new from GM, and my total cost including shipping was $282.00. The beauty is that since it is new and has never been associated to another VIN, Onstar says they will log it to my car for free right over the unit. I am just waiting on my antenna to arrive to install it and see if that works. if it does, then it isnt necessary to have it flashed or “re-greened” for everything to work. This was also $60 cheaper than the three listed on Ebay last week and half of the salvage search sites i found. It took about 2 weeks for it to arrive.

  7. I would like to know how this turns out. Keep me posted.

  8. Just a quick update. Today (Sunday 9/21/2012) I installed the new Onstar unit (20827036). Without any modifications, the unit functioned for bluetooth setup, but then immediately locked into voice mode. No radio, Onstar etc….I then tried the method of cutting the (i actually removed the pin from connector) white ground wire on the small connector. This method made the unit work bluetooth perfectly. The only issue i have found is that the BLUE Onstar button no longer connects to Onstar, but the RED on does. This leads me to believe that there is both correct and incorrect infrmation out there. Chris at White automotive is probably correct in that re-programming will make the unit fully compatible as normal, but not tru that tunit will not work without that process. I dont use Onstar on this vehicle at this time so i havent decided if i will try to have Onstar match the unit to my car since the RED button is actually for emergencies rather than general contact. Should i decide to use Onstar I will probably have Chris flash the box at that time. The real benefit here is that the unit i bought works, is the proper one and seems to be readily available for a reasonable cost.

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  10. Anyone try having onstar connect the used new module to your current account. I just got mine back from whites and onstar will not associate the module to the car. They want me to go to the dealer. Any advice would be helpful.

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