Sprint + Palm Pre + Novacom on Windows 7

I purchased the Dell Mini 9 months back and have fallen in love with its portability and use. It plays movies and music perfect and those small speakers are really loud! I travel frequent and its my companion everywhere I go. While away I would use my Moto Q to tether and surf the web with the mini 9. Nothing but good things to say about the moto but it was time for a change. I have been wanting a palm pre because its something different from an iphone and it works on the sprint network. I know some people love the iphone and ATT but why would anyone pay ATT for internet and texting is beyond me. Sprint has a great plan for around $65.00 for 900 mins with unlimited text and internet. * This would be 79.00 with the sprint referal but my 27% discount rocks. If you keep reading I’ill post a follow up to how to get a deep discount with sprint.

So Windows 7 has been released and I was a beta tester with my mini 9 notebook. I just say I love Windows 7, it Runs smooth,installation was from the usb stick. For my first hack I want the feature of tethering. There is pleanty of hacking the pre or rooting documented on the internet so I will assume you have done some research. The hardest part of getting this hack to work was Novacom. It was a pure hassle to install on Windows 7 .

Let me save you some time and give you what you need below.


Download and install the above .msi and you will have no problems installing mytether like me.

 Source: http://forums.precentral.net/web-os-development/195043-setting-up-novacom-windows-7-easier-method-2.html

The actual install and documentation of getting tethering to work is as follows:

• Put the PRE into developer mode (This is not rooting.) upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart
• Download and install Novacom and USBnet drivers to your computer.
• Hook up a USB cable to the Pre and computer in “Charge-Only” mode.
• Download and run the MyTether install program.

Lets start:

1) Put the Pre into Developer Mode:
      a. Close all applications running on the Pre
      b. Type: upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart
• As soon as you type the last letter, a developer icon will appear. Click it
• Turn on Developer mode.
• Re-start the Pre (as prompted) and set the phone aside.

* I was worried this would wipe all my data from my pre but it does not.

2) Download and install Novacom Drivers:
a. Download from here http://www.crowza.com/Palm%20SDK.msi. This is ONLY for Windows 7 users . XP users need a different set of drivers.
• Turn off Widows 7 firewalls and leave it off.
• Reboot computer and verify after reboot Novocom is running as a task.
• To verify install: Do Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get to Task Manager. Click Processes tab and verify that “novacomd.exe’ is listed.

3) With your Pre On connect the Pre to your computer with USB micro cable.
a. Select “Just Charge”

4) Run the MyTether install program
a. Program is located @ www.mythether.net please donate to the guy who has worked on on this. I donated to mytether because the guy who is working on this app has really provided me with a very useful tool.

b. Once downloaded double click on the exe. You should see a dialog box appear and quickly install the program and complete.
c. Install is complete. Now go to your phone and reboot.

After rebooting you can go to the quick launch button and a “My Tether” icon should be at the bottom of the 1st page!

For safety you can not turn Developer Mode off. Type: upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart to get to the Developer Icon
f. Click the Icon and turn off Developer Mode
g. Reboot the Pre.

Running MyTether:

Before starting, make sure you are in a place with a good 3G connection.
When you click the icon, it takes a few seconds, but you will probably get a screen that asks if you want to disable WiFi. Click “Turn Off” if you want to use WiFi. You will then want to enable DHCP and then move the slider at the top to ‘On’ to enable WiFi tethering.

• This sets up an AdHoc network named AoNet.
• Web encryption is turned on by default, and you can see the password. Click options at bottom of screen
• You can change the password, or if you want wipe it out to run with no encryption.
• Your computer’s WiFi utility should be able to easily find and connect
• Yes, more than one computer can connect at the same time!
• Bottom of screen – click LCD and you will be able to turn off LCD and sleep timer! Brilliant – center light stays on. Click on button a couple of times to exit this mode.

Phone Calls:
• If your phone rings, and you can answer, but this will stop MyTether.
• When the phone call is over, you will need to re-start MyTether . It is simple, and you need do nothing to the connected computers. They will just resume.

• When I disconnected and closed MyTether, I found I could not go on the Internet with the phone. When I click on the Web button, all of my bookmarks were gone!
• When I tried through Universal search, I got a message I had to enable the network.
• I got rid of the problem by re-booting the phone. Everything worked fine again, but the problem re-occurred when I started MyTether again. The last time I did it, the Pre re-booted itself.

Wifi Feature – Working
The wifi feature was the first that I tried and it works amazingly. Setup your WEP key and connect via wifi from your pc to your pre. Its just like connecting to a router.

USB Cord – Working
I next tried the usb cord connected to the Pre. For this to work I needed to install the USBnet drivers.
You need to make sure you install usbnet driver first http://gitorious.org/webos-internals/usbnet-pre/blobs/raw/master/windows/usbnet-pre.inf follow instructions here http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/USBnet_networking_setup

Bluetooth – Working
After thinking that this would not work I found a post that said

“The report is that after you enable USB Tethering in My Tether, you can pair your machine to the Pre using Bluetooth PAN and tethering will work over Bluetooth.”

So I fired up my Dell mini 9, enabled BT on the pre and launched My Tether app from the pre apps and changed the USB tethering from OFF to ON. I proceeded to do tell my Mini 9 to do a Join a Personal Area Network. It then asked if i wanted to join the access point which i said yes and after about 10 secs i was successful on the internet. I think maybe the app will be more clear that BT will work with that button ON.

Please post any questions you might have!


5 responses to “Sprint + Palm Pre + Novacom on Windows 7

  1. Great Post! The problem you probably encountered about not being able to use the web after using mytether is that you need to manually turn of tethering by sliding the slider to off. If you just quit the application without doing this you will not be able to access the web.

  2. Your msi link is dead, and I can’t get the drivers to work.

  3. Please see here for info on how to connect via Windows 7:

  4. I almost never comment, however after reading a few of the remarks on this page Sprint + Palm Pre + Novacom on Windows
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