Sprint Palm Pre Everything Plus Referral Program / SERO Now available

Up until today the Everything Plus Referral Program formally known as SERO was not eligible for the Palm Pre.

That has now all changed.

I have some questions of my own that I hope to have answered soon.

My questions are:
Are Everything Plus Referral Program plans eligible for a corp discount on top of the savings?
* I think the answer is No they will not stack so if my discount is better than the discount offered I should go with a regular plan and add the corp discount. Please confirm.

If for whatever reason I open up my new account NOT under the EPRP program and my account discount stops working can I later switch my phone to the EPRP plan?
* I would rather start on the EPRP plan if there was any chance that my employee rate will not work down the road.

To capitalize on this good fortune you may use Russ’s information who is Sprint’s VP of Strategy that he provided on http://mcguireslaw.com/2008/07/16/psst-have-you-heard-about-everything-plus/#comments


By now, I’m sure everyone has heard about Sprint’s groundbreaking Simply Everything plans, but here’s an even better twist!

Everything Plus is Sprint’s new employee referal plan which takes the Simply Everything plans and makes them even better!

For example, the lowest priced Simply Everything plan is $69.99 for 450 Anytime minutes (and of course, unlimited text, web, TV, music, navigation, Direct Connect, etc.).

The equivalent Everything Plus plan is $59.99 for 500 Anytime minutes (and all that unlimited stuff).

There’s also a discounted 1000 minute plan at $79.99 and the unlimited plan at $99.99.

Interested?  Check it out here.  My e-mail address (you’ll need it) is russ.s.mcguire@sprint.com and the 3 digits you’ll need are 383.


One response to “Sprint Palm Pre Everything Plus Referral Program / SERO Now available

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