Moto Q + Windows mobil 6.1 + bluetooth

I never thought bluetooth would be useful on the moto q up until now.

i never had anything bluetooth to pair my phone up with that it would be worth it. that is until now. my mini 9 came in about a week ago and i purchased the bluetooth adapter thinking it would come in handy. it occured to me that i might be able to tether my internet to my laptop via bluetooth. I was right

So I have used pdanet before in the past with my desktop just to see if it would work. It worked wonderfully. Sprint may not be everyones favorite but i was able to get unlimited text and data added to my plan for free.

I have a work laptop and it would not let me install pdanet drivers on it so i could not use my Sprint Moto Q phone to get on the internet. Ive always surfed the internet from the phone when i am bored and thought maybe i could use my skills to get online with my newly installed bluetooth adapter on my refurb mini 9.

My moto q is running windows mobile 6.1 from sprint. Basically after pairing the phone to my mini 9 I went to my phones programs. There is a program called internet sharing. Enabling this and selecting the bluetooth option allowed the device to create a network connections icon connecting via bluetooth to my phone. Ive been surfing for the past few hrs and it works wonderfully.

I may post more if people need info just comment i get emails and do respond.


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