Cyberarmy – Sered Gamma

Lets talk about gamma.

grab this file and hack away little coders. when you find something out post it…i personally think that if you were to fill in the entire image with white and compare the difference you could be left with the code.


14 responses to “Cyberarmy – Sered Gamma

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  2. System Crash; Bubu ?

    You guys have anything for us ?
    I pretty stuck on this one… I’ve tried every stenog app that I could find on those images, but no go man.

    Help ??

  3. connect to with your normal account. Then get the ZIP-File from the tmp-directory. then you can start with stegonographie on the sat.jpg. there is a file in it with blowfish. for that you can use jphide/jpseek

  4. interesting. how would you recommend starting on the sat.jpg?

    and what is the what.txt file for?

  5. the what.txt contains a regular expression – written in perl – and printed out backwards.
    when you use that expression on the genesis.txt you’ll get some words – without spaces – as output. i think that’s a way to go on forward.

  6. You say to use jphide/jpseek (really just jpseek), but it needs a pass-phrase. What is it, or barring that, how did you go about finding it?

    When running the regex against genesis.txt, I get specific lines, as opposed to a bunch of words mashed together as you suggest.

  7. try that:

    open IN,”<genesis.txt”;

    while () {
    if ($_ =~ m/ (\w*)/ig) {
    print $1;
    close IN;
    print “\n”;

    when you use the tool stegdetec you’ll get the notification that jphide was used to insert the data.
    jphide: is the tool to hide data in a jpg
    jpseek: is the tool to extract it

    the passphrase is realy the problem of that challange

  8. I really don’t think the perl script you have given is helpful. All it’s doing is taking the first word of each line and printing it.

    There seems to be a bit of consensus that the regex is meant to search out strings that contain two consecutive spaces, and if you replace your $1 with $_ that is what you get.

    It’s also hinted in the space.jpg that the double-space is significant. So this leads to one idea: that some (or all?) of the words around double spaces are in the pass phrase.

  9. See for better formatting. Run it and reply with the output, if interested.

  10. There is a request for your sat.jpg’s and genesis.txt’s. See

  11. I can FTP to the ftp site OK, but see no files. I even explicitly try to get the and get nothing. Can’t cd to /tmp either, can’t do anything, wgetting everything gets me nothing. Is this just me?

  12. I’m havin trouble finding the files in the directories as well, everythin has 0 value. But I also may be connectin to the wrong server as the only connection I get is from

  13. yup, only connections I get are on port 80. Can’t get a hit off 21/2121 on any variation of the adress so I’m stuck without being able to get the files.

  14. I’m guessing the ftp server must be down atm. I’ll try again at a later date.

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