Cyberarmy – Sered Solutions Beta

The second challenge is a pain in the butt. You need to again check your again for a message.

From chirac
Date 2008-04-22 01:12:17
Subject Hello again

Mr Bourne, shortly after we parted company i was approached by two gentlemen at the habour, i said nothing, but they were looking for you.I asked them what they wanted you for, they said you had robbed a bank in Switzerland! For some reason, i dont believe them, or trust them. I have done some research for you my friend and found a bank by this name here.

Take a look, but be very careful, there is something afoot here!

Good luck,

Mine looked like this. The link will take you to what is considered to be artificial intelligence. the idea is to trick the bot into telling you how to enter.

Basically she is wanting your identify from the first email in the format of XX-XX-XX-XX

So go find that email and type in “process XX-XX-XX-XX”

Then you will see she says:

Carol :: “Go with Karlos, he’ll take you to your box.”

Follow with the response of


This will then imediatley take you to

Good luck!


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