Cyberarmy – Sered Solutions Alpha

ll it appears that Cyberarmy has a new set of challenges called Sered. When I first learned of the internet I thought that hacking was only for those who were 40 years old geeks who didn’t have anything better but examine source code. I read up on every hit google had on hacking and got involved with the cyberarmy game where i learned very useful information on computer security and crypto.

Now the challenges have started again and I’m here to share my thoughts and possibly others will come here and post some hints for others to learn as i did.

Level one starts with url and a page with info:

You see a black tunnel infront of you, a pinpoint of light at its centre slowly expands until it’s the only thing you see. A tanned, moustached face appears at its centre, looking straight at you.

“Mistah Bourne, wake up Mistah Bourne!”

You remember nothing.

Monsieur Chirac found your limp body 50 miles off the coast of Marseille, the freezing cold sea saved your life, you’d been shot twice in the back. All you feel is a numb sensation. Chirac talks in detail of how he came accross you; one of the crew on his fishing boat saw your body in the water, they hauled you on board. Claud, a labourer, took it upon himself to care for your wounds. He removed 1 bullet from your back, lodged in a broken rib and repaired another wound where the bullet had gone straight through. On examining your body, he opened an old wound.

He found in it, a small cyclindrical metal item, no bigger than 30mm in length. As he’d fumbled with the bloody object in his hand, he heard a ‘click’ and noticed a red light eminating from one end. He shone it against the wall, not knowing what to expect. The light projected in the information as follows:

J Bourne: 10212143

Chirac hands this to you as he talks. You tell him you remember nothing. He says he will drop you at Marseille when they next habour and give you some supplies. He suggests you check recent census data, local directories and missing persons.

“Then you will know, yes? Trigger memory yes?”

Your journey begins:

Take me to the harbour & cMS me more info

Sered: Alpha
The first level of the new CyberArmy challenge is pretty straightforward. The story is taken from the movie “Bourne Identity”. The first thing after reading the intro is to check your messages IN YOUR INBOX. It will look like this:

Mr Bourne, i suggest you start your search for your identity here. Remember, the number found with your body was XXXXXXXXX. THIS NUMBER IS IMPORTANT LATER

Trust no-one Mr Bourne.

Good luck my friend, i think you will need it

Look in The link in this message leads to “”, a so-called International Missing Persons Database. Insert

First Name: Jason and

Surname: Bourne.

This will lead you to the first real login screen of this challenge where it says “Authentication Required”: “sered/sered1/userdb/MI5/”.

Look at the sourcecode and you will find a hidden field in the form:

input type=”hidden” name=”data” value=”../data”

So go to “sered/sered1/userdb/data/” and click on the file “admins.db”. You will find a user:password combination there, but do not waste your time trying to crack this with John the Ripper. The password is base64-encoded, so search for an online tool (try The password will most probably be a number. Now use this information (user: generaluser pass: the decrypted number) to log in on the MI5 page and you have passed Alpha! Now good luck with Carol 🙂


3 responses to “Cyberarmy – Sered Solutions Alpha

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  2. can you help me to find the password…
    i failed to log in because i cant find the password…
    i just cant get the password.
    your article is really helpful for me…
    thank you…

  3. process my account number

    jeez! who says “process”. oh well, got there in the end!

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