Pontiac G8 GT 2009 Features & Options

Pontiac G8 GT 2009 options:

So the 2008 models haven’t even been in consumers hands and Pontiac has already let us know what new features to expect. Known features are…

All features:
Exterior Functional
Air Box – V8 only
19″ Wheels
Performance Catback Exhaust – V8 only

Exterior Style/ Appearance
Chrome Fuel Door
High Wing Spoiler
Interior Functional
RSE intergrated Headrest DVD
2 way advanced Remote Start
Personal Audio Link

Interior Style/ Appearance
Door Sill plates
Interior trim kit

Features in question are :

Air box? what is this? like ram air?

2 way advanced remote start? I think the 2008 model had remote start?

Interior trim kit? what pieces does this include just the nob?

Door sill plates? no idea what these are. pics?

G8 GT features

Pontiac G8 GT accessories 2


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