Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Ad — Well Done! Pontiac GT First Look

Slight update It’s official. Last 2008 G8 will be built on Friday, February 29. First 2009 G8 to be built Monday March 3, 2008. So expect arrival on shore of 2009 models in Q2.

There are two new first look reviews for the Pontiac G8 GT

One can be found here:


Both basically concur that this new vehicle can be a succes with a spacious trunk and powerful V8 that manages to get decent MPG it can be the poor mans M5. For someone who is ready to start a family and have a sedan but not quite give up all the youth a hotrod engine can provide this car will rock your world.

Some inside news about products is as follows:

The production of 2009 model year starts first Monday in March. Today, 2/8 a dealer can tag a vehicle produced as recently as 1/18, a delay of 3 weeks. Correspondingly if production + deliveries + sales continue at a steady pace then the first 2009’s should be ready for tagging around week of 3/24. This at best is an estimate and there is no indication that this will be 100% accurate, until notified we are not able to sit down and special order a G8, but instead be patient with tagging (remember I said until further notice, they have not been in production a full 5 months yet and nobody is claiming retail delivery yet).

The GXP model will come out sometime in 2009 but engine specs are not final. Everyone is expecting some type of engine upgrade to be part of the package – do not, IMHO, hold your breath for 550hp LS3 from CTS-V. I personally do not need that much power and rather would save a few hundred at the pump every year.

Current indications are the ONLY way to get a Manual 6 speed is with GXP – that does not rule out A6 as an option.

Again, release date for 2009 model year is March 3, 2008. No disclaimers yet for late arrival for GXP so it should be in production on the same date. If it is that close then at least one of the major shows should have one on display. Keep your eyes and cameras ready.

This comes from the great where a lot of inside news and talks take place.

I will comment more later! but for those who havent seen this!

One response to “Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Ad — Well Done! Pontiac GT First Look

  1. ls3 will get better mpg and a better all around powerband. hold your breathe and pony up the extra few bucks!

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