How i got my network up and running

A picture explains a thousand words of what i did to get this network running the way I wanted it. You see before i was having trouble because both my router and modem did DHCP server which made it have 2 nat addresses. You cant have 2 nat addresses on the same network so  with a little help I was able to do the following:

The DSL Modem is connected directly into the Dlink router. If i had not enable the PPP IP extension this setup would not be possible.

The i connected my computer directly into the Dlink router into port 1 and volla i got an IP in the 192.168.1- range.

The next part was tricky. You see I have an original xbox without the network adapter and if you had see some of my earlier post i showed you how to use your la fonera with DD-WRT

and turn it into a wireless card that can connect to any network. The La Fonera can be connected directly into any Ethernet device and then is able to get on the internet. All that is needed is to put the La

Fonera into Client Bridge or Client mode and do a site survey and connect it to the network of preference. With this setup i can connect from my la fonera device to my modem or router and to any other

device on the network.

network runs

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