Pontiac G8 Inquiry Gone Bad

Ok, so i was aware that the company i work for gets a GM supplier discount and that i would be able to take advantage of this great offer when the Pontiac G8 is available. After completing the survey I began to search the GM website for pricing. The G8 wasn’t listed yet but I got a dealer to email me and ask me a few questions. It goes a little something like this:

Vista Ridge Pontiac Buick GMC
2700 North I-35E
Carrollton Texas 75007

Dear Jeff,
Hi m Scott Bibb the internet manager here at Vista Ridge we received a request for information from you on a GM vehicle. What vehicle were you interested in? I will be more than happy to help you.

Thank you,

Scott Bibb


 I wrote back and said:

I had inquired about the new Pontiac G8 that will be coming out sometime this spring.

His reply was:


We have a waiting list it takes $1000.00 to be put on it the 1st 15 have been spoken for. The 1st run will be only 888 and they will be numbered and will be offered at $3000.00 over MSRP.

WTF 3k over MSRP, dude common give me a break. If i have to spend $29,995+$3,000 i might as well get a M-B starting at $32,900 which I have gotten to test drive and loved. Pontiac you will never digg yourself out of your economic hole you have gotten yourself into if you continue to abuse the new cars that people want. Have you not seen that your sales are being eaten by other car manufactures and your fans are sick of overpriced vehicles. GM I hope the recession we are in eats at every dealer that try’s to get people to pay 3k over MSRP. That isn’t even 3k over the invoice people so the dealer will be making a huge margin. Looks like I will either have to wait for dealers to hurt financially to get rid of these or find another dealer. Either way the economy is not looking to bright with the stock market taking hits daily and our labor force unemployment rising. I for one am not happy with this dealer. Swell here i come.


2 responses to “Pontiac G8 Inquiry Gone Bad

  1. I agree with you dude. GM is acting as if they’re Toyota and can afford not to sell cars. I too am considering the G8 (along with the Infinti G35). If I run into an experience like yours, guess which car I’ll take?

  2. Raj its a sad time for Pontiac. How many dealerships do you see surviving with the branding they have given themselves over the last decade. I know from my personal point of view that pontiac is and has been a crappy branded name in the auto industry for quite some time. GM can not afford to let dealerships screw the new generation of potential buyers otherwise they face extinction. The G35 has had great success and i think it too could be a great alternative to a 4 door with some horsepower

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