Paradyne 6211-I2 Firmware Upgraded to

Make no mistake about it. I have the Paradyne 6211-I2 DSL Modem and well a new friend told me it is save to update to the 03.00.44 Firmware that contains some enhancements and fixes.

Device Info

ZHONE Firmware: 03.00.44
Product Name: &nbsp 6211-I2-xxx 6211-I2-xxx
Serial Number: &nbsp 7722604 XXXXXXX
Hardware Version: &nbsp REV.1.01 REV.1.01
Board ID: R-4M-16M
Software Version: 3-06-06-3U00.A2pB022g2.d19b
Bootloader (CFE) Version: 1.0.37-6.5
Wireless Driver Version:
MAC Address: 00:00:00:00:00:00

This information reflects the current status of your DSL connection

The new Firmware allowed me to setup my network in the proper manner that i was wanting all along. I am using the PPP IP extension which is a life saver for port forwarding.

The easiest thing to do is was set the modem LAN address to and the D-link LAN address use the PPP IP extension function on the modem with the latest firmware and then enable the option to use the wan interface address as gateway. Set the d-link wan ip to automatic dhcp which it is by default.


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