Networking Issues!

Ok my setup is currently as follows. But I can not get remote desktop to work…or better to say I cant get port forwarding to work.
This image shows the setup I have tried and it should work but it does not allow my pc to get internet.

What I am wanting to do is be able to have all my devices on the same subnet so that I can access them easily. I also want to be able to port forward port 3389 so I can use remote desktop + other applications. Each of the La Fonera devices are running DD-WRT and are in client bridge mode and they are connecting perfectly to the D-link router but…the problem I am running into is getting on the internet if the router and modem are on the same subnet.  This could be due to double nat I think? I understand that you can only have one device on the network be the DHCP server which in my case is the Modem. However my router also is acting as a DHCP server.

My Payadyne firmware is as follows and I think is most uptodate according to the routers webpage please let me know if I am wrong.

Paradyne Firmware: 03.00.17
Product Name: 6211-I2-xxx

I read a post explaining this feature  :

“You want to enable this I you have a 2nd router which you want to handle all the NAT functions. This option basically turns off the routing functions of the modem and forwards the public ip straight to your 2nd router’s wan port. Your 2nd router should be set to auto assign IP/DNS (WAN interface acting as DHCP client). If you do this and you can enter the configuration pages for both modem and router but you cannot get on internet then your router is probably stupid like mine. Set the 2nd router to static IP, leave the public IP and subnet mask, change the WAN gateway to which should be your modem IP. That should fix it. Note don’t ever buy anything from Netgear, they are the lamest brand ever. In fact just buy Linksys, or if you rich buy Cisco.”

My question is basically what do I need to do in order so that all devices see one another and so i can make sure that port forwarding works for port 3389. The only way I know of this to work is if both devices are on the same subnet…

Router is Dlink 624 w/WEP
3 La fonera w/ DD-WRT all in client bridge.

Network Issues

Second Setup internet working but cant remote connect

2nd network


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