Panasonic 50PZ77U Picture Settings

I thought i would post this afternoon since i have the day off and I’m back at home from being on the road the past few weeks. I have been working on the revision 3 script to make it work with the most current xbox media center.

On another note i have the Panasonic 50in PZ77U Plasma TV and wanted to share what i think gives this TV the best picture. If you have different settings please post them and offer advice. If anyone has had it professionally calibrated please let us know what settings you ended up with.

I set my set to vivid setting and then adjusted the settings to the following. I haven’t done any special disc calibration but this is what my eyes say look pretty good.

Picture: +26
Bright: +12
Color: -1
Tint: +4

Pic Mode: CUSTOM
Color Temp: Warm
Color Mgmt: Off
Zoom Adjust: V-size 10

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