Good News for PS3 I purchased one!

I felt compelled to buy a PS3 at a 20% discount. I was able to purchase the $599, 80 gig system for $479+10.95 shipping charge. I was not one of the lucky ones who got the HDMI premium Xbox 360 for 280 shipped! This would of been even better!

Still it is a pretty substantial savings IMO. Now the unit isn’t in my hands yet but that hasnt stopped me from researching what I will need and some ideas that I use it for.

Now that i have a PS3 im going to need a new HDTV. This is something that i have been preaching about to people and consulting for quite some time but when it deals with your own money you want to be the best possible set that one can afford.

Since the PS3 has HDMI 1.3a I will have to find a TV that supports this new feature. Plus get a cable that supports the higher bandwidth that the 1.3a requires. I will most likely shop at

The two TV manufactures that i will look at are Panasonic and Pioneer.   Off to check which TV touts the newest HDMI connections.


3 responses to “Good News for PS3 I purchased one!

  1. so you joined the legion of sony fans i see! congrats, im glad to have you along side! now add sony to the list of tv’s to look at and you’ll be well on your way!

  2. I joined but it could turn out to be a bad purchase with the recent speculation of a price cut. If my order doesn’t in time I may end up canceling it and waiting for the price to fall. I’m also upset that the damn thing doesn’t include HD cables.

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