Halo 3 Breaks Street Date

Looks like a few good men have broken Halo 3 street date slated for 25th. From the email i received said the gaming experience is pretty fun. The graphics are just OK. Ill post the images that i have received and let you know more news as i get it.

Update: More pics with high Res have come to my attention. Enjoy these.










4 responses to “Halo 3 Breaks Street Date

  1. MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KEEP THIS UP!!!! Don’t spoil it though, don’t give away the story or anything cool that happens.

    Tell us about Forge and the level called Storm!

  2. AWESOME!!! Tell them to keep it up!!!

    Also, ask them to tell us about Forge and the level called “The Storm”

    DONT SPOIL IT THOUGH! Don’t post story or cool events within a level.

  3. A good way eh? I like to showcase my receptive horror I have read a good joke in internet 😉 What does the sun drink out of? Sunglasses.

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