Good experience with Lian Li Case Manufacture

I’ve been the proud owner of the Lian Li PC-V600B for about 6.5 months and everyone who sees my case just falls in love. However, about 1 week ago i noticed a slight squeak coming from inside the case and thought, “oh it will go away” well it hasn’t. This is day 11 and the squeak is getting more annoying and louder everyday. I’ve narrowed it down to the front 12cm fan. For the time being i have disconnected the fan but I feel this shouldn’t be happening for a product that is less then 1 year old. I’m hoping that Lian Li will send a replacement fan.

So after Several emails to various customer service reps via the website i finally got a response from Baron.

Stating that he would send me a replacement fan from Twain. This was on August 3rd. On August 16th it arrived at the USPS branch for pickup.

So all good things come to those who wait. Now to install this massive 120mm fan will be another task.

Jeff M


One response to “Good experience with Lian Li Case Manufacture

  1. i thought you hate sony…. the picture of the headphones on your banner is manufactured by sony – was this an advertising ploy on your part????

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