Divine Tao Beats Microsoft with FairUse4WM v1.3 Fix 2 “Mirakagi”

Most might remember a great programmer named Viodentia who released a great program that circumvented Microsofts attempt on DRM. Microsoft responded with a patch and a lawsuit on the John Doe named Viodentia. Well it appears after what seemed eternity he might have come back under a new alias. Divine Tao or rearranged Viodentia has struck again with a fix that works with the most recent Windows Media Player 11. Those who wait shall receive and that we did my friends, it looks like either Viodentia has finally come out of hiding, or s/he’s passed the torch on to another (Doom9 forum user Divine Tao that cracks the key of IBX components up to version 11.0.6000.6324 are good to go with the latest version of FairUse4WM, v1.3 Fix 2.

I can personally contest that this works and that these tools will probably be hard to find but those who seek shall reap the rewards.


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