Blu-Ray a sitting Duck

I write this post in response to the all the horrible journalist who do not do their own research before writing bias entry’s that the format was is over. Robin Harris must be getting paid for headlines that read the war is over and BluRay is the format of choice of millions of people. Read here

The fact is that people do not know what they want. If they did then this so called inflated war would be over. Robin Harris used quotes that are misleading and far from truth and overall picture. This is what really gets on my nerves. Andy Patrizio article Read here could not have summed up what I personally was thinking, well let me explain,

Blockbuster the nation’s largest video rental chain, said yesterday it would begin carrying Blu-ray DVD titles at 1,700 corporate-owned Blockbuster stores by next month. I’m sure everyone at Sony is thinking WoW we WON, but have they really?

Reminding myself of reality I contacted my cousin who works at BB Corporate and asked him how many exact outlets they have. Blockbuster has more than 7,000 outlets nationwide, so 1,700 stores is hardly a complete rollout. Infact only 24% of the stores are going to be carring Bluray disc. This number will eventually continue just the same way that Blockbuster brought DVD rentals into their a decade ago.

Do not discard that Blockbuster will continue to provide HD DVDs and Blu-ray disc available for rent via its online rental service.

The other point Harris wants to make is that Studio support is what’s going to win this war. Get over the studio support people. Sony owns 2 of those studios can you really count those? MGM & Sony Pictures Entertainment

Plus let me give you another perspective. Are you willing as a customer to replace all your existing DVD collection with the same title in Blu-ray format? I hardly see people wanting to reinvest in all their titles. So what I purpose is that only the newer titles will be making a difference when it comes down to the studio support. So think how many major blockbuster hits does Sony & MGM put out in a year? The only one that comes to mind is Spiderman and even the 3rd one wasn’t that great. What other big hit will help Sony sell new Blu-ray disc in the future. I’m hinting at the fact that people buy the big name hits and if the majority of these movies can be purchased on either format then who cares if Sony’s movies never make it to HD DVD. I won’t be missing Spidyman.

Harris, Microsoft is not a looser they sell software not hardware. Who cares about the HD-DVD addon. They are making money selling the VC1 codec to Sony. So the more Blu-ray sells the more potential for Microsoft to make profits.

The bottom line is PRICE. Andy was right when he said that the HD camp needs to offer a significantly lower price for its hardware than Blu-ray players and build installed base to build demand for titles. “That’s the only way the HD camp can persuade more studios and rental outlets to support HD.”

My bottom line is Sony get over your Monoply. Those deep lined pockets and studio bribing habits will bite you again one day.


6 responses to “Blu-Ray a sitting Duck

  1. you need to update more often old news!

  2. yo momma's mom

    ya need to update more often, forgot why i even bookmarked this site

  3. general newbie

    the general has struck!

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