Drobo- The world’s first storage robot.

DL.TV featured an awesome new product that really got me excited, it’s called the Drobo an independent self storage system that automatically manages hard drive disks without the hassle of manual configuring. It reminds you of a shuttle pc or a small form factor computer. It’s certainly a great piece of hardware that is easy for the average user who is looking for additional space or even a professional who is looking for a reliable product for large multimedia files. The cost is $499 USD but for what your getting i think it could be a lifesaver. I give this product 5 stars!

The only downsides that I have seen are: performance which isn’t really comparable to Raid transfer speeds. The Drobo uses its own method of file writing and can only support maximum speeds of USB 2.0.    As stated before USB is the only way of transferring files, which means the better, faster speeds, but less used firewire port is missing. The only other limiation is the lack of encryption. I think that a USB key is allowed but haven’t found anything so far to confirm this.


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