DD-WRT + Aircrack-NG + La Fonera

Some of you have contacted me asking if i would write a detailed tutorial to cracking WEP with your La Fonera and the answer is. YES! I’ve had some time this weekend to play around and progress with the WEP cracking. I’m still working on the tutorial and testing some things but i should release a How-to sometime in the next week. I will try to make this tutorial as detailed as i can and explain everystep so that you learn what is going on.


4 responses to “DD-WRT + Aircrack-NG + La Fonera

  1. You can’t use DD-WRT for this, you’ll need a Openwrt variety firmware for three reasons: non-r/w filesystem, no place to store captured packets, and no injection-capable wireless driver. Ask dltv about my Legend firmware with CIFs, MMC support, MDK3, Aircrack-ng, and aircrack-ptw built-in. You can also search the DD-WRT forums (dd-wrt.com) for my Legend firmware (on a thread about flashing).

  2. I successfully ran a sniffer client on ddwrt and the server on my unix box to capture the packets and then aircrack ng to work on the files..

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