Upgrading Windows Vista Enterprise to Windows Vista Ultimate

This post is for those who are wondering “How to Upgrade Windows Vista Enterprise to Windows Vista Ultimate”

Updating Vista Enterprise to Ultimate was a pretty easy task. If you were like me and tested out the Enterprise edition for a while and then later found yourself purchasing the Ultimate copy of Windows Vista you would be unhappy to know that by default you can not update from the Enterprise Edition. This proposed a dilemma for me because i purchased a copy of Ultimate and was wanting to install it. Upon A simple registry hack I was able to update my copy to a fully registered copy of Windows Ultimate. 

How to upgrade Enterprise to Ultimate:


How to upgrade Enterprise to Ultimate:

Here is a way to upgrade Windows Vista Enterprise to Ultimate (not enabled by default)

Before inserting the Windows Vista Ultimate CD

Go to, Start, Run: and type: regedit.exe

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

Change the key : ProductName from “Windows Vista ™ Enterprise” to “Windows Vista ™ Business”

Change the key: EditionID from “Enterprise” to “Business”

What this basically does it for the brief moment that your install DVD attempts to know what copy of Vista you are currently running it will be fooled into thinking you are running a Business Edition which is perfectly able to be updated.

Do not restart

Now insert Windows Vista Ultimate CD and start upgrading (the option Upgrade will not be graded out anymore)

 Disabled Vista

 Registry Hack Vista Enterprise


 Upgrade Successful



25 responses to “Upgrading Windows Vista Enterprise to Windows Vista Ultimate

  1. Nice…Will be trying this out next week! This has been driving me crazy for a while now.

  2. Stefan Ringelberg

    this works

  3. Awesome, thanks. This useful. Hope it works

  4. please post with your results if you don’t mind. That way others will know that this information is useful.

  5. tried it and copying files stuck at 8% for about two hours. should i stop it, is there any other method.

  6. This trick is highly appreciated, thanks a lot. I will try it tomight.

  7. Preferred Visitor

    Does not work with Vista Enterprise SP1

  8. Uninstalled SP1, then set Enterprise to Business and it worked like a champ!

  9. Where the applications and data preserved? I read a post that said if using a Full Version of Windows Ultimate it may destroy the applications and data and thus the Anytime Upgrade product had to be used. Thoughts?

  10. Worked for me and preserved all the applications, settings, and data. I my case I proactively un installed SP1. When i tried it it said I needed SP1 installed so I restored from a previous restore point. In the end, all worked great.

  11. Thanks a lot for this amazing solution, I really needed to upgrade my vista to ultimate so I can upgrade to windows 7, I have adjusted the Registry first then uninstalled SP1 then restored the pc to an earlier restore point then the upgrade worked .

  12. Great stuff, worked for me with no issues. All programs working!

  13. Also works for upgrading Vista Enterprise to Windows 7 RC .
    Do the same just to get Windows 7 installing, change the EditionID an ProductName to Business and re run the setup, there you go now is installing.

    Good luck!!

  14. Also words with upgrading Vista Enterprise to Windows 7 Ultimate RTM. I just did it tonight thanks to this page.

  15. I forgot to say I was using Vista Enterprise with SP1 also. I DID NOT have to uninstall SP1 first.

  16. Awesome! It even worker for upgrading Vista Enterprise to Windows 7 Ultimate. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  17. I just tried this but didn’t work. Error message said “You can not upgrade from enterprise to ultimate, you need to reinstall”…

  18. Is it possible to upgrade from Vista Ultimate to 7 Enterprise/Professional with this method?

  19. Do you guys think this method will work to upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Win 7 Professional? I am afraid to try since I might crash the system which would defeat the purpose of the upgrade vs. a clean install.

  20. Thanks it worked perfectly, Vista Ultimate > Windows 7 Enterprise.

  21. Used it once before, and now i’m gonna use it again. My University software is all delivered on Vista Enterprise, and a upgrade CD was delivered to Proffessional. It worked great last year, now I need it again because the system got virus infected after a year.
    Conclusion: Thanks! works great!

  22. You should give credit to the original poster raindrop on MSFN which you almost copied and paste their content.


  23. Does anyone know if this works with service pack 2 installed?

    I do not see a place in control panel where I can uninstall service pack 1 or 2

    Thanks For any replys

  24. Works for upgrading Win 7 Home Premium to Enterprise too. Just changed the product ID to Enterprise and started the upgrade process.

  25. No, the upgrade option is still graded out.
    thanks though!

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