Gadget Update for Me. Motorola Moto Q

Just got a new phone the Moto Q and I’ve already did some quick tweaks too basically make the battery life last longer. The tweak for me involves turning off Bluetooth and EVDO because I’m not using either of these features. I can always turn them back on but for the time being I’m going to use the phone for making calls and doing text messaging. So extending the battery life is the first priority and these are the first things I did.

Mod 1: Turn off infrared: go to Start > Settings > Connections > Beam > make sure “Receive incoming beams” is unchecked

Mod 2: Turn off Bluetooth or turn off Bluetooth when not in use: go to Start > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Manager > Settings > Select “Bluetooth OFF”

Mod 3: Shorten Display time out: – go to Start > Settings > Power Management > Display time out [this ranges from 5 seconds to 10 minutes, or Never

Mod 4 Disable EVDO to increase battery life: type ##33284# and press send >Scroll Down to Field Test Menu > HDR Preference > CDMA

1x will now be showing at the home screen meaning it’s a slower connection which is the equivalent to dial-up versus EVDO which is like high speed DSL however it will GREATLY increase battery life.

More to come

Other areas that I just found out are:

Removing an App that was installed: go to Start > Settings > More > Remove Applications

Installing Custom ringtones:

Part 1: Open ActiveSync on your pc > Double click My windows Mobile Powered Device > Application Data > Sounds > Copy ringtone into this folder

Part 2 go to Start > Settings > Sounds > Ring Tone and Press the Navigation Key Remove Applications

Automatic Profile Settings: If “Automatic” profile is set, your Q will switch your profile automatically depending on your schedules and others. For example, if you have a meeting in your calendar, it will switch to “Meeting” profile during that time and switch back when it is done.

Quick Key Lock Feature: Press Home and then Spacebar to lock your phone quickly, without having to hold down the Home button. Very useful because I found that I would hit buttons while it was in my pocket unlocked.

Call History: To view recent call history incoming missed and outgoing: Press “Spacebar” at the Home Page to access the Recent Call List or Press the “Send” button. This Is one area that I must say is not the easiest to read when you’re trying to see who has called you.

Quick access to voicemail: press and hold the number 1 button


3 responses to “Gadget Update for Me. Motorola Moto Q

  1. excellent tips, ive done several 1 question, can you enable edvo easily enough

  2. Can I use my Moto Q just as a PDA and turn off all the calling, roaming features etc? I had to change carriers since Qwest wasnt doing wireless anylonger. So I decided to go with a different type of phone with Verizon, but like some of the features on the moto q.

    • Sure you can. You basically have to leave it in airplane mode. Google it. basically click on the provider name and turn off cell phone.

      Simply hold down the Home button on your Moto Q. Select option D, “wireless manager”, and turn off your network.

      you can then enable bluetooth and use that to sync to Microsoft from your pc.

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