AAA Members get Dell UltraSharp 2407 WFP 513.49 + Tax

A similar deal was found the other day! even better price but you have to be an AAA member which i am:

Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP

First go to the AAA site and get the 6% off coupon.
Dell AAA members

You will receive a email quickly that gives you the coupon code. You must however call Dell to actually use it as it does not show up correctly when checking out. Next ask for the Dell 2407, then advise them of the AAA discount 6% and that it will not apply correctly online. They will give you the 6% off. Finally apply for the ‘Dell Preferred Account’ its available for personal purchases and home use. A Dell Perferred Account will get you an additional 4% off when you pay online with DPA. They will give that to you also.

The run down:

UltraSharp 2407WFP $569.00
Minus 6% AAA -$34.14
Equals $534.86
Minus 4% DPA – 22.75
Shipping Free
Total : $513.46 Plus tax varies

Thanks to fatwallet for the tips.


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