Revision3 Updated Script for the XBMC to play the “Totally Rad Show”

For those who are fans of Diggnation and other shows put on by Revision3 then this is for you. Recently a new show with Alex Albrecht just was released. Since im a huge fan of watching the show from my Xbox with XBMC i looked for the updated script to play the “Totally Rad Show” by streaming. Unfortunately, the script is not updated on I took the liberty to update it to make it run the new show. Since i can not host the files here i will have to find another way to host them or lets hope that takes it.


3 responses to “Revision3 Updated Script for the XBMC to play the “Totally Rad Show”

  1. Hello, I was wondering if you knew how much cache is necessary to download a high-quality (ex: diggnation) episode, I have changed the rss feed from “/xvid-small” to “/xvid-large”, the high quality version starts, but stops at about 15 seconds in. Judging from other scripts, this usually means the cache is too small/large, and I just can’t seem to get the exact required number in.


  2. Hello, I like the script, but I don’t know if you have noticed that the script stop working about a month ago? You can watch the old episodes but the newer stuff just don’t play, also there are a couple of new shows, that are not included on the latest revision of the script, I wonder if it is not much to ask if you could add those new shows on the next release?

  3. I was planning on updating this script but unfortunatly my company has me traveling atm. I havent been home in 2 weeks I promised i would work on it and i will. just keep checking back.

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