It’s been confirmed Black Xbox 360 is official

The new SKU will be black, it will have HDMI, it will have a 120GB drive, it will come bundled with a one month Xbox Live trial for a price tag of $479. Unfortunately, it’s not going to have the new 65nm CPUs, it still doesn’t have integrated WiFi, and it won’t have an integrated HD DVD drive. Not that i thought it would.

Still there are some unknowns left:

We don’t know what version of HDMI it will have but since they are competing with the PS3 lets assume it will have 1.3. Nor do we know whether it supports PCM 5.1, TrueHD, etc. We also don’t know if it will pack IPTV software. Also im currious to know what new chip they are using because the Ana chip couldn’t do HDMI. I won’t splurge for one until it goes 65nm and quieter operation. Wifi would be nice, too but i can deal with some alternate solutions. Lets hope that Microsoft doesn’t keep me waiting till 2008 before it gets my money.

Expect to see this on sale in the USA and Canada on April 29th.

For official information go here


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