Black Xbox 360 Production Photos Surface

So there are Black production 360 images floating on the internet. What does this Xbox 360 really have that the others have? We still don’t know all the details. We can confirm the color, a ugly black,  and the additional 120 gig HD size. But, we never got a look at the HDMI port and no one has confirmed this will have the new 65nm chipset. I hope it does and it should be ready.

So what is the real cost of this thing? Why do you want this black model anyway when you can get a piano black Xbox 360 case for cheap.  If it’s the hard drive that your after why not just purchase it separately. If it’s the HDMI feature well… who’s to say it has once. But you want this new unit because it’s going to run cooler and have IPTV out of the box? Um no confirmation on the new chipset, and no proof of when IPTV’s release date.  Oh wait; keep praying for Wi-Fi in this thing, Microsoft doesn’t need any more components that will break this thing. As for an alternative, just get yourself a La Fonera and put DD-WRT on it with client bridge mode. You can rule the world then.  

And please spare me the trade in program or I’m so mad that I got one a year ago. Who in their right mind is going to offer this, surely not Microsoft! I’m really tired of hearing about how people feel ripped off. You purchased the product and clearly you accept its current state or why else would you have purchased one? Do you own an iPod and cry about how many new models have come out and go to every forum to post about how you should have waited and how you hate Apple?

One response to “Black Xbox 360 Production Photos Surface

  1. The black model looks very cool and I was tired of the white xbox 360.

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