HD DVD Rippers & Blu-Ray Rippers Hitting the market like Crazy

DVDFab HD Decrypter beta has hit the internet. Ripping HD DVD and Blu-Ray movies keeps getting easier and easier. First it was Slysoft who released support for both formats, now others are jumping on the wagon. Good thing these company’s aren’t in the USA and out of reach from big brother and the long arm control of the MPAA. The creators of DVDFab now support HD DVD decrypting and acknowledge Blu-ray support soon. If you want to give it a test a download link is provided below. I believe that everyone owes muslix64 huge props for making the dream come true. But wait, there’s more, another free tool by the name of DumpHD has been added to the list. Currently it is still in development but you never know what else doom9 forums will bring us. Read about DumpHD here. Beta (03/16/2007)
– New: Added support for HD-DVD.
– New: Copy HD-DVD to hard disk in “Full Disc” mode, in less than one hour.
– Change: Significantly reduced the time to open DVD.
– Fix: Several minor problems.


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