Xbox 360 Updates: Linux bootloader released & a new Black Xbox 360 named Elite

Xbox-scene has the details on both of these stories.

Linux Bootloader for xbox360 – XeLL *updated*

>> Well, thats what it looks like! Here’s the readme:
XeLL is the Xenon Linux Loader. It’s a second-stage bootloader and is usually run by an exploit. The method of booting this is not a part of this project. XeLL catches CPU threads, sets them up (basically setting HRMOR to zero), loads an ELF file from either network (tftp) or CDROM, and launches it. It also contains a flat device tree for linux. cdrom.c includes a very simple ISO9660 parser, which tries to boot the file named “”vmlinux”. lwIP ( is used for networking. Network config is currently hardcoded in network.c (and main.c). XeLL also contains a HTTP server. It is not really used. XeLL is licensed under the GPL v2, and no other version. Xenon-specific stuff of XeLL was written by Felix Domke , other parts where taken from other free sourcecodes. No non-free hardware documentation was used for developing XeLL. XeLL is in a very early stage, but is (most of the time) fully working.

Ill try to link a new video of this working and the progress.

More in depth discussion can be found here, and here

Xbox 360 Elite: new, black limited edition Xbox with HDMI and 120GB drive

Game Informer magazine has stated the Black Xbox 360 would be available sometime in April 2007, with a 120GB HDD, HDMI output and cable, but no HD DVD, $479 USD is the expected price. This sounds great and is actually what i have been waiting for. Now if only it has the 65nm chipset that would complete the list of everyones wish list.

We’ve confirmed with trusted sources that the black Xbox 360 is indeed coming, and will be dubbed the Xbox 360 Elite. Here’s what you need to know about it:

* The Elite will be limited quantities only; that may be as much or as little as a couple hundred thousand.
* The case, controller, and Live headset will all be black. It will have all new packaging.
* Elite will cost $479, and will be a 3rd SKU; it will be sold alongside Premium and Core packs.
* Eventually Elite hardware (in white plastics) will take the role of the Xbox Premium. That is to say, after the Elite is launched and sold out, future Xbox Premiums will have 120GB / HDMI.
* Elite models run cooler than normal 360s, but they are not yet confirmed to have 65nm chips.
Full Story:


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