Dell 24inch 2407WFP $629

This would be my first Warm deal post, but i wanted to let people know that if your wanting a great new monitor that you should consider the dell 2407WFP as a replacement. For $629 you should be able to call a dell rep and get free shipping. However, you will likely have to pay tax. My tip is to not order online because you can not negotiate. Take my advice its easy to call and ask to speak to a Dell Sales rep. They can often go lower on the price toward the end of the month because of quotas needing to be hit. Be sure to ask for Free shipping while your at it. When i purchased my Dell 2405WFP i go an addition 5 percent off just because i held out on accepting what the sales agent wanted to give me as a final price. Within 30 mins i had an email with a counter offer of the price i originally wanted.

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