Diggnation goes Corporate

Well I’ve been a fan of diggnation for quite some time now and i usually don’t catch the new shows the day they are released but i did however notice that diggnation created a members only area. I know that this isn’t news to everyone but i just wanted to make a point and provide a solution. For the revision team to conjour such an idea to charge its fans for “early” showing of diggnation to help the sponsors is just plain ridiculous.

Here is a letter from Jay on the forums about the early releases of diggnation:

To those who have been discussing the pre-releasing of videos to non-members on the forums, let me be clear on this subject:

Besides the fact that I myself have repeated over and over that pre-releasing to non-members hurts Revision3 directly, and that we believe that doing this is the opposite of showing support for the show, it should also be known that Kevin and Alex wish this to stop as well.

Some have cited Alex and Kevin’s references to pirating in the show as proof that they think pre-releasing Diggnation or other Revision3 content is acceptable. This is not the case. The bottom line is that they wish to both protect Revision3’s revenues as well as the people who are paying a monthly fee to enjoy Diggnation two days early. They want to support their fans, and to do so they have always believed this activity was wrong.

They do believe that the sharing of Diggnation videos after it has been publicly released each week is fine, especially if download stats are provided to us. I agree, particularly since we think that Diggnation is something worth sharing. The only issue is during the pre-release window of two days (and I emphasize, this is _two days_). Remember, if people download videos from us directly, we get to report those download counts to advertisers, which help us bring in the revenues to continue making quality programming.

Anyone who uses Kevin and Alex’s name or tries to use their comments out of context to support pre-releasing videos is basically insulting Kevin, Alex, and Revision3.

I have asked the mods to enforce this as much as possible in the forums and ban anyone who posts links or makes references to websites that promote this activity. Please let them do their job effectively, and for those who keep saying that “Kevin and Alex think it is ok,” please stop putting words in Kevin and Alex’s mouths.


-Jay and the Revision3 Crew

My response is simple Alex & Kevin don’t be such hippocrates. Regardless of any opinion I have or anyone else has about pirating content, it’s a double standard to talk about using bittorrent for movies, etc. and then attack people sharing Diggnation episodes 2 days early. More times in the past epesodes have i seen and heard both Kevin and Alex talk about content they have downloaded. For example Windows Vista, or Alex’s favorite Battlestar Galactica.

So i present to you my solution. Since i’m an avid xbox user i will create a xbmc script that will allow you to download the latest show to your xbox once it is released. Starting today i will be developing it.

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