Internal Blu-ray / HD DVD drive for PCs

Who has 1200 bucks for a new burner, i mean dvd player, oo no thats not it , i meant a Blu-ray/ HD DVD player for your pc? According to CDRinfo and the projected price is roughly $1200. Hitachi-LG plans to demonstrate the GGW-H10N ‘Super Multi Blue’ drive at CeBIT 2007 show in mid-March. Don’t expect to pick one of these guys up just yet because their is no word on the final release date. The Hitachi-LG GGW-H10N drive can read, record and re-write CDs and DVDs (10x speed for DVD±R, 8x for DVD±RW, 6x/8x for DVD±R DL) as well as playback, read and record single- and dual-layer Blu-ray discs (4x or 3.5x speed), it also can playback HD DVDs. The device is designed for Serial ATA interface. The GGW-H10N can record up to 50GB of data. Surpassing the market standard, LG is providing a 4x recording speed of Blu-ray Discs, which means that it takes only 23-24 minutes to burn a full single layer BD-R disc (25GB), compared with 46-47 minutes for conventional 2x recording. As for me i will just wait. Who really needs ol Blu, when you can get a 500 gig external drive for 150 bucks?



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