PS3 and Xbox 360 updates

Sorry i’ve been away from home attempting to get a real job. On with some current updates:

It appears that the Gaming Console war has gone into a tornado of new exploits being announced. First it was the Wii with a Mod chip and now the PS3 might be hacked on its first day of release to the European market. Rumor is that sometime on or near March 23rd the day that the PS3 will be available that Paradox a cracking group will release a working boot loader for ps3 games. This could seriously open to door worldwide for PS3 hacking. 

Team Xecuter Hints at Paradox Loader Around Euro PS3 Launch

From an interview with Team Xecuter on
* Soft-Mods: It seems like you guys have some knowledge about the upcoming Paradox Loader, can you share some of that with us? What firmware versions it will work on? How it will boot? And if it is a full blown exploit?

* Team Xecuter: Just wait till the European release of the PS3. imsure more will happen around then.


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