Microsoft in for a surprise- Windows Vista KeyGen?

While this might just be another elaborate hoax or amateur Photoshop user trying to stir things up, it could potentially be real. Back when Windows XP was released there was a keygen that allowed people to make their own CD keys for installing Windows XP. It would appear that the same might happen to Windows Vista. Some people claim this is a tool that Microsoft developed. But I question that statement with WHY on earth would they. Real or fake I certainly would like to test the MAK activator feature. Look at the screen shot to get a better idea.

* Slight update for those that have already read this post. It appears that someone has posted what appears to be this app on the web. Now i have downloaded the archived file but i’am worried that it could just be a virus so I’ll be doing some safety precautions first. If this does infact work i will post more about it.

* Ok so i ran the program under multiple AV software and a few online anti-virus scans and it appears to not pose a threat. I’ve included screenshots but the application does not work. It is without the proper DLLs to generate a CD Key. Whether this is just a Shell App – meaning just some fancy layout or the real deal time will tell. I’ve included some screenshots that i took while running the program and some of the DLL errors i got.

*Update while this has made more news then i ever anticipated i do want to point out something else that crossed my mine. Now this is pure speculation. If you recall their is a Windows Office 2007 Keygen that is reported to work. Within the release of the Windows Office 2007 Keygen their is a statement that says “Vista Offline Activator” Coming Soon. Could this be related? The icons for the applications are almost identical so it may be safe to say they are in fact from the same creators.


Windows Vista KeyGen non public release

Windows Vista Keygen proof


22 responses to “Microsoft in for a surprise- Windows Vista KeyGen?

  1. Maybe you need to run it under Vista?

  2. I highly doubt that. I believe its missing the Dlls that generate the keys but thats just pure speculation.

  3. Check this page out

    That’s, like, proof, man.

    Other than that, I work for a danish it-site,, and I’m doing a piece on this. Where did you get the screenshots?

  4. Where did you get the tool?

  5. Hi !

    Where is the programm?

  6. There is no Volume Activation in Windows Vista Ultimate 😛
    I can crack the enterprise edition that way tho 😉

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  8. Real release of the keygen is slated for 2-23-07, check out for more breaking news….

  9. so what can i do about missing dll
    key.dll error
    hats the problem

  10. I got the app but, keep getting “out of memory” and I have plenty of memories. The error recur no matter what OS I use. How did you get yours to work?

  11. This turned out to be fake. You should probably do a virus scan and hope for the best

  12. Thank god I used the software in VMware instead of on the host machine.

  13. Someone could send me the photo that program
    Microsoft Volume Activation 2 0 Tool

  14. Someone could send me the photo that program
    Microsoft Volume Activation 2 0 Tool
    ** **

  15. Hi..

    Where did you get the tool?

  16. where can i download Microsoft Volume Activation 2 0 Tool

  17. You can’t. Never released to public.

  18. Where plz downloading, is mail to me

  19. visit

  20. Where did you get the tool?

  21. try

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    it’s amazing article.

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