TurboTax Online Charges Different Prices based on Browser

Some unfortunate Mac user noticed that he was being charged more, go figure. Quote “I decided to do my taxes today, so I open up Safari and go to turbotax.com. I decided to open up their site in Firefox as well and noticed a price difference. In Safari the price was $2 more for the Basic and $5 to $10 more for other packages. I took a screen shot of the two side by side and the layout is basically identical except for the cost.” What’s very interesting is if you use Firefox you actually get an offer to file for Free, whereas Internet Explorer doesn’t give you this option.

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2 responses to “TurboTax Online Charges Different Prices based on Browser

  1. Its looking like it is more random than I originally thought because people are getting different results for different browsers and sometimes the opposite of what others are seeing.

  2. I totally agree its very weird that turbotax is doing this. I had mentioned it to someone else and they were like why would a company do this. My only response is because they can. I mean when the world is dominated by IE alot of people don’t have any clue.

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