Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive: Comes in Black

This is just a tad bit late but if you haven’t caught on to the news yet then your in for a treat. It seems that the Andy Pennell posted on his blog that he received something special. His team helped develop the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive and was rewarded with some Limited Edition Black HD DVD drives that were made especially for those of us who helped work on the product. It comes with a black remote control too. I say this is great news but unfortunatly its not for everyone. Besides isn’t HD DVD struggling over the big giant Sony and their PS3 BluRay player. And mind you were is our black Xbox 360 with HDMI and a larger Hard drive.

Comes in Black

A quote from Andy himself “Different teams at Microsoft give different things to team members as “Ship-It” awards, and how good they are depends on the coolness of the team and the coolness of the product. Fortunately our team is cool in both regards. My old team (Visual C#) once gave us empty cardboard boxes of the product as a Ship-It award. Not-very-cool-at-all. Unlike some other Microsoft-internal goodies, we are permitted to sell these, so if you want one you might be lucky and a co-worker could put one on eBay. Or not.” I say bribes are in order!

Thanks Xbox Scene for the heads up

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One response to “Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive: Comes in Black

  1. Wow this looks promising

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