MC360 1.01 Released

I often find myself loving XBMC and well the current dashboard is great dont get me wrong but well you cant help but fall in love with this new skin. MC360 gives the appearance that your xbox is on steroids. Im happy to say that i will be using this as soon as possible. The 1.0 version of MC360, the Xbox 360 replica skin for Xbox Media Center on the original Xbox, has been released.

Blackbolts Release Notes: MC360 1.01 skin for Xbox Media Center

Its been a long time since MC360 was first thought of until its actual release today. The team has seen many members come and go, many clashes, many ideas and changes. Since December 29th 2005, MC360 has been in production and we are so glad to finally be able to release the 1.0 build. We will all be taking a little time away from skinning for a couple of weeks before we begin anything else, permitting theres no problems with release. So we would like to invite you all to download our latest offering and give it a try. You can use our comments function here on the site or go to the official forums and let us know what you think. You can also donate towards Team Blackbolt skins to say thanks, a donations button is located at the bottom of every page on the left. Thank you.

So, here is the 1.0 finished version of Media Center 360, a skin for Xbox Media Center. You will need the very latest version of XBMC to use this skin, we recommend the latest t3ch build or if you build your own, Rev 7841 or sooner. Visit our MC360 skins page found in the XBMC section of Skins or just click here. You can download the skin along with the Official T3Ch release, of which you can find more information by visiting T3CHs page, found in our links section. You can also download MC360 1.0 from our new Public SVN, details can be found on the MC360 1.0 page at the bottom.

A Direct Link to Download the Release Can be found here

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