Who will be First to 90nm, Xbox 360 or PS3

The heat is on for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Everyone knows that Sony is losing money hand over foot to manufacture the PS3 and would have more to gain if they could cut cost. One of the best ways to reduce manufacturing costs of any high-end electronic device is to shrink its size. For both the 360 and PS3, the big move is from a 90nm process to a 65nm one. Sony indicated in a recent press conference that the company had already started production of parts of the PS3 chipset on a 65nm process. Microsoft previously announced that the Xbox CPU would be moving to 65nm technology in the first quarter of 2007 however, rumors are that this migration might not be complete until the 2nd quarter. Who will be more victorious? The winner may be the company that reduces the cost of their platform the fastest.



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